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acejen Vacuum provides the vacuum technology world with high quality vacuum components and pumps. Cacejen also maintains the capability to reverse manufacture any specific part to meet your unique vacuum requirements. Cacejen Vacuum Inc. has enjoyed considerable success in the application of all types of vacuum pumps and the design of high vacuum systems.

Cacejen's Technical Staff has more than forty years’ experience with intricate knowledge of single and two stage liquid ring pumps, single and two stage rotary vane pumps, single and two stage rotary piston pumps, and booster systems that combine a lobe type blower with any of the pumps listed above. Two basic ingredients enable us to serve you fully-access to a complete product line and the experience and know-how necessary to solve problems. Our greatest area of service to you lies in our wealth of experience as problem solvers.

Cacejen Welcomes the opportunity to serve as an extension of your own organization-to assist you in the selection, sizing and application of vacuum pumps. Whether the process uses vacuum for evaporation, distillation, crystallization, filtration, drying, deodorization or deaeration, Cacejen designs vacuum pumping systems that are both economically feasible and ecologically compatible.

Cacejen Supplies a full line of ISO, KF, and CF fittings; bellows, clamps, valves, gaskets and flanges. Cacejen is also opening the transpacific channel of international business with hopes to qualify and recommend certain vacuum technology for sale to the Asian market. Cacejen desires to achieve a greater depth of global business through responsible degrees of ethical and responsible corporate reciprocity; we are always looking to locate a solid network of distributors and sales representatives to cover the diverse global manufacturing markets of the world.


Thank You,
Caitlin A. Mathey

Cacejen Vacuum Inc. is a woman owned and operated small business.


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